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  1. A German or Swiss smoked sausage made with pork or beef.

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Cervelat, also spelled cervelas, servelat or zervelat, is a type of cooked sausage produced mainly in Switzerland and in parts of Germany. In its modern Swiss variety, it consists of a mixture of beef, bacon and pork rind
Zervelada or, in Italian, cervelato, referred to a "large, short sausage filled with meat and pork brains". Traditionally, Swiss cow intestines were used, but producers switched to Brazilian zebu intestines after the local materials became too rare and expensive. The Swiss government has entered into negotiations with the EU to seek an exception for zebu intestines, and Swiss scientists have been dispatched to Brazil in order to establish that the intestines pose no risk of transmitting mad cow disease. and as a result, many Swiss are emotionally attached to the sausage.


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